Banking And Fashion

Banking and Fashion. Those words don’t really go together, right? Or so I thought.

I am a finance professional (read boring banker) in love with all things stylish. I will have to admit though, I have spent many a working years in outfits to fit in with the “serious persona” of a banker in a male dominated industry (white shirts and dark suits only) until I realized serious shouldn’t and doesn’t equal boring.

My initial goal was humble: to make myself more excited “relatively” about getting ready for work. Make no mistake, I love my job; I say relatively because I hate mornings with a passion, at least until I have downed a cuppa joe. I grab my coffee on the way to work a la typical New Yorker so I roll in to the office only half awake 😉 Don’t judge me, the struggle is real… but I digress.

So I thought, what is the easiest and surefire way to get revved up about a mundane ritual? Simple: Clothes that make me feel happier and more “me”. So I tried. As an added bonus, I felt my confidence bolstered and an uncanny sense of joy that percolated throughout the day; who knew this could be a possible side effect?!

Without much ado, here’s how I fought the Monday blues with my kinda blues:

Monday Blues
Dress: FCUK; Belt: Mango; Watch: Movado; Bag: Hermes (Double Sens); Shoes: Sam Edelman

Monday Blues

Monday Blues
Devil lies in the details

Monday BluesMonday BluesMonday Blues


PS: Dress code varies across companies, geographies, role, level of seniority, tenure.. What may be okay at one office, may be a big no- no at another. Check your HR guidebook on the attire rules and when in doubt, always err on the side of caution.

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