Blogging? What The Hell?

Let’s consider this one as a slight detour from our highway to fashionopolis, but the subject is much closer to heart (for me at least). As I was progressing through the initial stages of creating awareness about my blog, someone very near and dear to me said “You want to be a fashion blogging chick from being a hot shot banker? I just don’t get it!” Obviously, that stung like a bee… ah, maybe like a scorpion (no not the ‘hot shot’ part.. that I’m cool with 😉 ) and you could spot them fumes coming out of my ears. In such circumstances I do my usual Yogi tactics to cope .. which is countdown to 10, take deep breaths (inhale – hold- exhale) and then think about the possible rationale behind the comment.

I know ‘this person’ is a well- wisher, so I couldn’t just shrug my shoulders and move on. I was left wondering if there are gazillions out there who feel blogging = lazy activity/ not intellectually stimulating/ cannot be a real job. For the sake of hard working blogger community, I am going to attempt to dispel some of the myths:

  1. Not all who blog do it full time: For me, it isn’t Banking OR Blogging. It is Banking AND Blogging. As they say “Do what you love and do it often”. A blog is exactly that forum for me and many others..a way of expressing oneself. Somewhat akin to pursuing a hobby while being watched by millions
  2. Cha- ching $$$: Just like any other industry, it can be monetarily well rewarding but just like life, there are no short cuts. You reap what you sow. I personally know bloggers who left their day jobs, some who have even grown on to become millionaires (yes, millionaires!) since and then some who are not- so- successful. The path to success is winded and it doesn’t happen overnight. Deeeeep.. I know
  3. It’s kids play, ha!: I’m guilty of thinking it was a piece of cake until I took the plunge myself. Boy oh boy, that pose that looks so casual took at least 20 shoots. The easy breezy post you read perhaps took hours to write. Heck, I even had to learn how to develop a website. That’s a lottt for a technologically challenged me and I could go on and on..
  4. “Explicit interest in fashion is so anti corporat-ish, almost frivolous”: This one is personal so take a bow Margaret Thatcher, Serena Williams, Marissa Mayer and Amal Clooneys of the world for defusing this alternate fact. There is a yuge population of women who feel pride in what they do and how they appear

Blogosphere (or keen interest in sartorial propriety) isn’t for everyone but I intend to convince that it is positively and definitely changing how we connect & communicate, share information and ideas seamlessly.

Are you plagued by myths about blogging? Let’s hear what those are.

On a side note, here’s my outfit for the day..

Front view
Dress: Cynthia Steffe; Jacket: Zara; Bag: Hermes Double Sens; Heels:Sam Edelman; Aviator: Juicy Couture

Lean onCynthia Steffe DressSide StepsBack View

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