2 C’s Of Fashion Staples

When I initially took baby steps in the financial services world almost a decade back, the first thing that was seared in my brain as if with a branding iron was the 5C’s of Credit; I can recite them in a heartbeat even today. Panic not, I don’t intend to dwell on that though.

The fab news is, when it come to fashion staples there are only two C’s: 1) Cardie and 2) Cami. And these should be your BFFs…

Cardigan: Let’s begin with the multiple reasons why this is your trusty friend:

  • If your office is anything like mine then you spend a minimal of 8 hours everyday in frigid, arctic conditions. Cardigan is the chic solution to most of our nippy woes while infusing that oomph to an outfit.
  • If you have bared your arms but worried that that bra strap may attempt a sly sneak peek, then relax.. your buddy has you covered. Literally. That visible stray strap is indeed the stuff of nightmares.
  • Cardigan is a great way to cover up a low back or strappy dress; just take it off in the evening and you are cocktail hour ready. Hey Cinderella!

There are myriad ways this bestie can be styled for many unique looks. Restyle the same attire by mixing and matching cardigans. Jazz up a plain palette by further accessorizing with a belt or a brooch. Or just play around.. buttoned up vs unbuttoned, tucked in vs layered on, cinched vs not.

Here are a few ways I’ve styled mine. What say you.. hey or nay?

Fact check: Is your office comparable to an industrial grade freezer too? According to Nature Climate Change journal, most office buildings set temperatures based on a decades-old formula and the standard is calibrated to the metabolic rate of 40 year old men. Gender discrimination much?!

Watch out my next post on the second C- Camisole.

Uniqlo Dress
Dress: Uniqlo; Silk Cotton Cardigan: Lutz & Patmos; Block Heels: ShoeMint

CardieLutz & Patmos Cardigan

Close Up
Sleeves pushed up for a more casual look
Zara Dress
Fit & Flare Dress: Zara; Cardigan: Lutz & Patmos; Belt: Primark; Studded Heels: Sam Edelman


Fit & Flare Dress
Breaking the monochromatic colour palette with some fuschia

From where I stand

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