Sitting Is The New Smoking..

I’ve heard my fair share of “pink is the new black”, “wine is the new tea”, “geek is the new chic” 😉 Have you ever come across some newly trending slogan and were left scratching your head? Yesterday over lunch one of my colleagues dropped a “Do you know what they say these days – Sitting is the new smoking”. (sitting as in sedentary lifestyle) But how do you compare the two..smoking is a choice; sitting not so much!

There isn’t much scientific proof behind that phrase, but it is a tad disconcerting to imagine the impact our jobs have on our overall health in the long-term, especially because it’s not like we have much of an option, now do we? Except if you are Tarzan and your job description involves swinging from one tree to another whilst inhaling fresh crisp air of the jungle. In that case, you can stop reading this post already.

If however you are still here because you just swing from cubicle to conference rooms and live in a concrete jungle, then you too might benefit from these 5 good habits that I try to incorporate while at work. They are all extremely simple.. it’s just a matter of following them diligently. Easier said than done though.

  1. Get up and move around ever so often: 20:8:2 is the rule to abide by i.e. of every 30 minutes, spend 20 sitting, 8 standing and 2 moving around. Find a reason to get up and away from the desk.. fill up on the water or collect your print job or take that phone call while standing instead
  2. Give your eyes a break: Every 20 minutes look at objects 20 feet away for 20 seconds; if you are able to follow point# 1, point# 2 takes care of itself
  3. Posture: Slouching is so much easier than sitting upright, I agree. But the long-term benefits of a good posture totally make up for the short-term inconvenience. There are smart wearable gadgets that can help too like Upright that vibrates every time you curve the spine. Or try the good old-fashioned way of taping a ruler/ scale to your back :O Or just be aware and make an effort to sit straight
  4. Stay hydrated: 8*8 rule; Drink a minimum of 8 eight ounce glasses of water every day which equals to about 2 liters or half a gallon. Infuse the water with fresh fruits or lemon and mint!
  5. Healthy snacking: The most dreaded is the afternoon craving for postres.. ditch them chocolates for something healthier like yoghurt, fresh fruits, nuts and fruits strips that satisfy the sweet tooth as well

I bet a bunch of other hassle-free healthy tricks should be included to the routine. Care to share yours?

PS: I haven’t been able to get much pics last few weeks, thanks to the blizzards and cold cold weather in NYC! 🙁 Here’s me waiting for the warmer weather

Collared white shirt: Benetton; Cropped tweed trousers: Zara; Belt: Charles & Keith; Bag: Selfridges; Wedges: Express

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