Oppan Gingham Style

Remember the internet sensation that Psy, the South Korean rapper was just a few years back. ‘Gingham’ (trend alert #1) is having a mini-Psy moment in terms of popularity and being a perennial fan of the checkered pattern, I ain’t complaining.

Now the good news is you needn’t be a Dorothy in red shoes or headed for a picnic to embrace the checks. Gingham is making a comeback in many avatars; pick your poison in the form of trousers or embroidered boots or a ruffled top (like mine)..which leads me to the other gigantic trend this season: Ruffles! (trend alert #2)

Ruffles are back baby. The mantra is “Go bold or Go home”. But let’s not zealously adopt that motto when it comes to corporate wear. You might go bold, and your boss might ask you to go home (literally!.. to change & come back). Harr.. harr…

I was chuffed to put together an outfit where Gingham X (subdued) Ruffles for a winner combo.. much like Big Mac & fries. One word – Delicious.

So, what d’ya say to the look below? How are you sporting these trends?

PS: Before I bid adieu, a bit of fashion trivia: In 1959, when Brigitte Bardot wore a pink gingham dress to her wedding it started such a ‘ginghamania’ that led to a fabric shortage in France. Beat that.

PPS: Over the next couple of posts, I intend to highlight Spring Summer 17’s latest and greatest trends. Every time I touch upon one, notice the (!!trend alert!!) sign

Ruffled gingham shirt: Benetton; Wrap over ruffled skirt: Carine Roitfeld X Uniqlo; Block heels: ShoeMint; Hairband: Claire’s

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