What Goes Around Comes Around

In the words of great philosopher Justin Timberlake, “what goes around comes around”. And so true when it comes to fashion trends, where the styles of decades gone by come around like a clock work. My earliest experience with bell/ flute style (trend alert#6) was at a very, very young age thru a sepia photograph from my parents’ pre wedding bash circa 1975. In the pic was my DAD with a bunch of dudes all clad in bell bottomed pants with wavy overgrown, surfer hair. Now you may think “Woah, that must be one cool dad” or that “real men wear flares”. But at the time I most likely looked like this painting “Scream”.

Why?? Picture a serious, stern accountant whose favourite pastime includes discussing stock market and and warding off any men who may attempt to talk to his daughter. THAT’S my dad. Not some chill, fashion forward hippie!

Now that I’ve forgiven but not forgotten all that, it is almost paradoxical that I am crushing so hard on this trend. It is simply delicious and so fun, why would anyone not accept it with wide open (flared sleeved) arms. 😉 Life comes a full circle.

PS: In the last few posts, I have covered the season’s coveted trends; look out for the (trend alerts) in the posts

Top: Rachel Roy; Skirt: Zara; Bag: Topshop; Shoes: Sole Society

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